Thursday, 12 July 2012

British Council

Hi, I'm Yuri:)

Today, I'd like to introduce British Council.
This website is very useful!!
I like British Council very much because in this site, we can learn a lot of things about education and English.

And there are also some websites;
LearnEnglish, LearnEnglish Teens, LearnEnglish Kids and TeachingEnglish.

First, in LearnEnglish, we can do some activities and games.
For example, Big city small world is my favourite:)
We can use this in the English class as a listening activity.
There are audios and some worksheets.
It's very useful:D

Second, in LearnEnglish Teens, we can practice and exercises English.
I like Grammar snacks because it explain easily how to use the grammar in some situations.

Next, in LearnEnglish Kids, we can learn English playing games!
It is very exciting:)
Some of friends like Wordshake.
It is useful to improve vocabulary.

Lastly, in TeachingEnglish, we can search teaching materials and some interesting activities.
It also has worksheets that we can download easily.
So, we can use them usefully in English classes.

If you have interests in them, please check them:D
I hope you also like this website.


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